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Steel Wire Mesh Welding Machine

Abstract: If you are checking steel wire mesh welding machine China manufacturers and suppliers and company, and price and brands, please feel free to contact Zhongji Machinery. Welcome to buy best CE certification steel wire mesh welding machine and wholesale high quality products from our professional factory.


1. The Welding Machine welds the horizontal and vertical wires to form a steel wire mesh. Mesh Width: 1200mm, Grid size: 50 x 50mm or 50 x 100mm.

2. PLC control system to automatically straightens, welds and cuts the steel wire;The A type machine has the mechanical transmission system.

3. The B type machine makes use of the integrated pneumatic system to ensure that the operation is stable, high reliability and long life span of the equipment.

4. The horizontal steel wires use the integrated straightening and cutting system to ensure stable operation and high accuracy.

5. The Automatic Alarm Device is easy to operate and maintenance,Will automatically cut the steel wire mesh according the pre-set mesh length.


1Production CapacityM2/hr8070
2Welding IntensityNPull-off force for
       each spot≥350
Pull-off force for
       each spot≥700
3Mesh Longitudinal Errormm≤±0.2≤±0.2
4Welding Defect Rate%≤1≤1
5Steel Wire Diametermm2.0-3.02.0-4.0
6Power Supply 380V, 50Hz, 60KVA380V, 50Hz, 75KVA
7Max. Outer Dimensionmm15800x2780x150015800x2780x1500
8Machine Net Weightkg28003000


3D panel is widely used in temporary houses, small villas, small plant construction, has good thermal insulation properties, has good market prospects.


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