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Continuous Pu Sandwich Panel Production Line

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Pu Sandwich Panel Machine

  • Continuous Pu Sandwich Panel Production Line

    Contact NowContinuous Pu Sandwich Panel Production LineRigid PU- aluminum foil cover sandwich panel line is the line to produce the PU sandwich panel with aluminum cover on both sides. The thickness of the sandwich panel is usually 20-150mm, width usually 1200mm and the length is adjustable. The product is mainly used for the outside wall insulation. The production line can also produce other soft cover sandwich panel.Read More

  • Discontinuous Pu Sandwich Panel Line

    Contact NowDiscontinuous Pu Sandwich Panel LineThe Discontinuous PU sandwich panel line mainly includes three parts-- the roll forming machine, foam machine, and press machine. During production, steel coils goes into the roll forming machine and then being cut. Then manually put the bottom steel sheet + upper sheet + four layers laminated structure into a closed body and press hard by the hydraulic system. After that, inject the PU foam by injection molding machine. While two panels is under production and becoming rigid, two panels are ready and can be unloaded. That is what is called two in and two out.Read More

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