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EPS De-Duster

Abstract: If you are checking EPS de-duster China manufacturers and suppliers and company, and price and brands, please feel free to contact Zhongji Machinery. Welcome to buy best CE certification recycled styrofoam and wholesale high quality products from our professional factory.


1. Using in EPS recycling.

2. Crusher separate the EPS block at the joint, making the beads uniform, filled, dustless through crushing and sieving. Mix with new beads to remold and reproduce EPS products of any size.

3. DE-duster is for removing the bug dust of the crushed beads.

4. Mixer is for mixing recycled beads and the virgine beads in a certain proportion.

5. TCrushers can be optionally attached with EPS sieving devices, composing the integral EPS recycling system.


1Production Capacitym3/h25-30
2Power Supplykw7.5
3Max. Contour Sizemm2800x1200x1500
4Machine Net Weightkg750


EPS products is widely used in packaging industry,food industry,safety industry, building industry,crystallised eps products.


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